Human Spirit Talents 2014

Talent for Humanity is proud to be the organization chosen to create the content of the first Human Spirit Award Ceremony.

In all parts of the world and in all walks of life, there are women and men who stand out because they embody positive human values, at the same time as they pursue their own individual goals in life.

By doing what they do, they help us all to appreciate, and share, the joy of being part of the human race.

The Human Spirit Award is not a race or a competition but a joyful celebration of the human spirit. It brings these special people to light, recognizes their talent, allows the world to learn about them, and help them to become a source of inspiration to others.

DOMINIQUE LAPIERRE                           REZA                                                            DEEYAH
DANIELLE FINZI PASCA                          SHERRY & BOB JASON                           YARROW KRANER
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